26 5 / 2014

When did I become this…

A worried, insecure, paranoid, ball of stress?

I need to get rid of the cause, but I feel like I can’t live without her. Probably need a small bit of psychological help.

26 5 / 2014

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26 5 / 2014

26 5 / 2014

26 5 / 2014

06 5 / 2014

Sites like Omegle are what makes the internet a scary place.  Don’t get me wrong, I love the internet, but what I’ve come across on the “text” option only on Omegle is nothing short of disgusting. 

I started to chat, no tags, just a chat about nothing in particular. The first stranger as they call it says, and I quote; 

"13 f sex slave on kik 10-15 GIRLS ONLY"

13… 13… Let’s let that sink in… a 13 year old on Omegle using Omegle and speaking like that, “sex slave”… what?!?! 

I understand they may not have been 13, but it wouldn’t have surprised me either.

When I was 13, I was out with friends playing football, chasing, climbing trees and doing nik-naks. Not on the internet using such profanities. I would have known about sex, but not the ins & outs, for want of a better phrase.

I am deeply disgusted and feel parents need to really observe exactly what their children are doing on the internet.

Anyone think differently?

09 4 / 2014

My girlfriend & I broke up on Sunday.  It was her decision.  I am utterly heartbroken & devastated.  I don’t quite know what to do with myself.  I can’t stop thinking about her.  I miss her so much, but will I let her know?Nope, never.  :(

17 3 / 2014

proudreally said: Thank you very much for the follow I love your blog :)

No problem. Thanks for following me too! :)

16 3 / 2014

Take note American folk!!

Take note American folk!!

02 2 / 2014

In a world that’s so full of REAL problems such as; starvation, human-trafficking, sex-trafficking, child prostitution, gang-rape, severe poverty, terrorism, economic collapse, proliferation of weapons of mass destruction and water scarcity to name but a few, I truly fail to understand WHY gay marriage is even seen as a negative thing, why it’s even being spoke about, why it requires a ‘vote’ in some countries and WHY as a nation, are we fighting over something SO stupid. With all of this hatred, why are people trying to STOP love. That’s what it amounts to. Love. Love is what the world needs.

I know, I talk about this a whole lot. I just cannot understand.

The world is such a strange, strange place.